Murieston Utd Community Football Club


Good Practice Guidelines

Murieston United CFC has adopted the SYFA Player Protection Policy & Guidelines. For the policy to be effective, members need to understand what it means and how it can be integrated into football activities. By implementing the key policies and procedures, best practice will soon be common practice.

Murieston United CFC requires all members to observe the following standards of practice, cialis usa including verbal and non-verbal actions, when involved in activities with children. All concerns about breach of this code of conduct will be taken seriously and responded to immediately.

It is strongly recommended that you do not work competely alone with groups of children or young people. As a guide, the following ratios are recommended for all SYFA activities:

  • age 3 up to age 8      1:6
  • age 8 and over          1:8

 All activities should be planned to involve a minimum of at least two registered officials. If the team is mixed gender it is essential that there is one male and one female official.

Good Practice

  • make football fun, enjoyable and promote fair play
  • always treat all players and officials with respect and dignity irrespective of their age, race, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation, disability or social background
  • involve parents wherever possible. Always be open and honest with players and parents
  • make sure all activities are properly supervised in line with the above
  • alway work in an open environment and avoid private or unobserved situations
  • always act in the best interests of all players and officials, putting their welfare first before winning or achieving performance goals
  • give enthusiastic and constructive feedback rather than negative criticism
  • recognise the developmental needs and capacity of players and avoid excessive training and competition, pushing them against their will and putting undue pressure on them
  • be a good role model including not smoking or drinking alcohol in the company of children

Practice to be Avoided

  • spending excessive time alone with a player away from other players including meeting with players away from organised activities without a parent / other Club official being involved or making arrangements to meet a player in their home without the player's parent being present
  • having 'favourites' - this could lead to resentment and jealousy by other players and could be misinterpreted by others
  • doing things of a personal nature for a player that they can do for themselves
  • giving lifts to children unless it is possible to pick up / drop off at least two players at the same time. If a single player has to be transported you should seek the permission of the player's parent and advise another Club official
  • allowing club officials to take any club activities on his / her own or placing themselves in vulnerable situations

Practice Never to be Sanctioned

  • any club having unregistered officials acting for or on behalf of them
  • harming a player or putting a player at risk of harm
  • forming intimate emotional, physical or sexual relationships with children or young people
  • allowing officials or players to use sexualised language unchallenged
  • allowing or engaging in touching a child or young person in a sexually suggestive manner
  • engaging in rough or physical contact except as permitted within the rules of the game or competition
  • allowing allegations made by a player to go unchallenged, unreported or not acted upon. If there is an attempt to cover up you may be implicated by your silence
  • bullying e.g. reducing a child or young person to tears as a form of control
  • allowing players or officials to be under the influence of alcohol or any banned substances during football activities